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The simple line of O² CBD products was created by Steve George, the owner of Ozia Originals as a service to the countless customers & friends in need of high-quality natural remedies at an affordable price.  The company has a very personal “boutique” feel where Aloha has been running for over 10 years in this Hawaii-based business.

The mission of O² Wellness is to help families and individuals in need get access to the highest-quality CBD at affordable prices 



Our new puppy Blu! Raising money for a local animal shelter and launching our new CBD dog treats 🙂

This new line of O² CBD products was created by Steve George of Ozia Originals as a service to the countless customers in need that are looking for effective, high-quality cannabidiol products at an affordable price. Started as a hobby over 10 years ago, George first tinkered with natural remedies surrounding kava – an indigenous plant in the South Pacific. After continued experimentation with kava drinks and powders, George was successful in creating the first and only patented Kava candy, developed to help relieve stress at work. Kava Candy is has two flagship flavours (Ginger and Orange) and is sold worldwide.

Ozia Originals has expanded their herbal product line to include an innovative hemp-based line under a subsidiary called O² Wellness.  Developed and vetted by their customers, the O2 CBD product line includes Tinctures, Gummies, Gel Capsules and a special DIY oil (Do it yourself) for creating home recipes.  Most recently, the O2 CBD team has expanded the line and added CBD Treats for Dogs which was inspired by their new puppy Blu who faced separation anxiety.

Steve is involved in many community outreach programs.  As an adoptee from Vietnam, he sits on the Board of Directors for Hawaii International Child – a non-profit organization that helps orphans find forever homes.  With two dogs and two cats, he is also an avid pet lover who works with different animal shelters around the island. He lives in Hawaii with his lovely wife Stacy who is a professor in Education at the University of Hawaii – they are both active in hiking and gardening including aquaponics.


Fully Activated offers some some awesome products. Here are some of their top products:



Let me start by saying that as a disabled vet that suffers from both PTSD, and high pain levels, this CBD product is a life saver. I’ve tried several other brands, but none compares to O2 CBD. The quality of this product is top-notch. The taste is by far the best out of all the other hemp oils I have tried. This CBD oil has helped my insomnia to the point that I have been able to sleep without waking for six to seven hours straight. This is far and above the 3 to 4 hours of sleep before taking the O2 hemp oil. My pain and anxiety have been greatly reduced, allowing me to move around much more than before.In short, this is a quality product that works. Hands down the best I’ve ever used and will continue to use.

As for the company and the fine people who work there, I am incredibly impressed. The people I have delt with have always been friendly, helpful and professional. They answered my questions, helped with my problems, and have always made me feel welcomed. This is not just another cbd hemp oil product. This is an exceptional CBD hemp product that is backed by a great company with incredible people. I will, without hesitation, endorse this product, company, and its people to everyone. If you are in search of a complete CBD hemp oil product, look no further. This is the best. Finally, allow me to say a deep, heartfelt thank you to the folks at O2 Wellness for their great product, incredible employees, for helping me feel so much better – Dwight Hull


I’ve tried several CBD supplements and oils and I think O2 is above the rest and they actually responded to every question I asked before making the purchase. My panic attacks had gotten so bad that I couldn’t leave the house for days in a row, for fear that I would get one just going to the grocery store. I was so tired of taking prescribed medication from my doctor that I finally went to see a Naturopath and she recommended that I start taking CBD regularly and give my body time to get used to it. I was very skeptical, but I kept trying different brands my friends would tell me about in hopes one would work for me. FINALLY, O2 was the one that made a significant difference!! I take their gel caps every day. Once in the morning to get my through the day and one in the evening to help with falling and STAYING asleep. I use the gummy bears during the day if I feel a panic attack coming on. I think the security of knowing i have the gummy bears in my purse helps a lot too – you can taste them hemp in the bears! My family is noticing a huge difference and I still feel like myself. Definitely worth the price, as I was paying double with a different brand that didn’t make any difference. This company actually CARES! – Angela


I have been researching around and actually found O2 on their Instagram. You could tell by the comments that this company was involved with their customers which is something I look for. I find it very important to leave reviews when it comes to things we put in our bodies. Good or bad we should take the time to help others.

Usage: Everyone having a different physiology, you have to determine what your proper dosage is, and it’s recommended that you start out with a lower strength until you find the right level of dosage for you. If you want to see if a higher strength works for you, take more of your current strength in small increments as you feel comfortable doing so. They have very nice, helpful, and informative customer service representatives who will communicate through e-mail and if you want to call the Owner Steve actually got on the phone with me.

Effectiveness: This is high-quality stuff. Anecdotally, I’ve tried several oils, and this works with the best of them. I’ve been taking their oil for almost two weeks now, and have to say I’m impressed. I take about 1 ml before bed each night (one full dropper), and I take another dropper in the morning to help with my pain. It doesn’t change the way I think during the day, I just feel more at peace. All I care about is, does it work? Do I feel my pain less? Does it lower anxiety? Does it do the things CBD is supposed to do? Yes.

Taste: Hands down, the best tasting one on the market (in my opinion) it has a peppermint flavor which I find very calming. You still taste the hemp flavor, but this lets you know it’s the real deal. The peppermint helps take away the strong flavor that hemp oils have. If you’ve tried any other brands, you know what I’m talking about. Hemp flavoring is really strong, and other oils/tinctures tend to come with straight olive-oil.

I’m hoping it will help with other things as time goes on. Recommended the oil to a family member and she has noticed less pain in her neck and better movement which is what she wanted to happen with this. I say give it a try. Give it a month and see if you don’t see results. I’m glad I tried it. Find the oil that works for you, everyone is different. – rrphil1976


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