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At King Kanine™, we all come to work every day because we simply adore our pets and know that others love theirs as much as we do.  Because of this love and passion, we have dedicated our lives to create innovative products for dogs, cats, and horses that will not only be easier for the pet owner but will revolutionize the alternative treatment of pet ailments.  Our pioneering concepts are the basis for originating these products and we will continue to push ourselves to be the trailblazer in the pet industry.

Our company launched its first product, the KING KOMB™, to resolve the massive issue of shedding from our Great Dane Mojo.  The KING KOMB™ has evolved into a Self- Cleaning multi-purpose tool.  We proudly sell this product in over 26 countries and have continued to expand our wellness line to add organic and natural products that are truly transparent in their ingredients.  KING KLEAN, our organic shampoo has only six ingredients that pet owners can trust.

Our CBD rich product line, KING KALM™, is now the forefront for pet alternative treatments and includes oils, sprays and balms.  If we can’t give it to our own dogs, we won’t consider creating it for yours.



King Kanine CEOHello, I’m Jeff Riman CEO of KING KANINE so happy to be a part of the CBD Support (TM) page. This is a great resource for people interested in CBD and a great way to get the right info out there. Our natural pet wellness company has been working with CBD for pets for several years now developing our KING KALM CBD products. Being able to work closely with our compounding pharmacist on formulations has set us apart from other companies and one of the things that we pride ourselves on most.

Although I love being innovative and hands on with all our products, I particularly like seeing all the happy dogs that we help. Having the direct interaction with such great dog and cat owners all over the world gives us  great feedback from our customers. This gives us the best insight on how CBD is affecting specific ailments in so many different types of pets. This feedback is valuable to us to continue to help educate and help other pets in need. KING KANINE currently sells product in 26 countries world wide.



King Kanine offers some awesome products. Here are some of their top products:



“This topical spray is a miracle. My Buddy had open wounds around his ear that he kept scratching. It was so frustrating not being able to help him stop itching and breaking it open. After three applications he stopped itching it and it healed. I love this stuff! Thank you!” – Leanne K. (April 2018)

“My dog is like a puppy again with KingKanine’s CBD for dogs! His has arthritis and and a partially torn ACL. We have to postpone surgery due to financial restraints for now, but I swear since using this he is not even limping anymore!!!! Top it off with Bulldog horrible allergy issues, guess what? Freaking gone!!! Completely off costly meds for that! I’m beyond amazed with this stuff!” – Jeffery B (March 2018)

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