Fully Activated – Activate your well being!

Fully Activated crafts. high quality CBD products for both you and your pets, they have tinctures, body salves, pure CBD and dog treats. They make everything in small batches very precisely and with care, as if they were making it for our own family….which they are.

Their products have been greatly appreciated by their family, friends and beloved pets for the past 10 years.

Fully Activated personally believe in the great healing potential of these products. They receive hundreds of testimonials from their customers every month. Fully Activated is proud to know that they make some of the best and most affordable CBD products available nationwide.


I’m Nick and this is my dog Tigger, we are the founders of Fully Activated CBD. Along with my wife Courtney, I’ve created a company that provides the kind of CBD products that I use to look for and just couldn’t find.

Back in the early 2000s, I began investigating cannabidiol (CBD) and its potential health benefits for both people and pets. I was helping my mom with her dog rescues as she was taking in dozens of animals. And with rescues comes sickness…..

Skin conditions, bone and joint problems, infections, cancer, emotional distress…I started using CBD to treat the dogs, instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on painful, invasive procedures.


Fully Activated offers some some awesome products. Here are some of their top products:



“My 18 yr old kitty was suffering from chronic respritory distress during the summer. I couldn’t afford an actual diagnosis by xray and the vet’s assumed cancer from the bloodwork. I ordered this product and refused to put her on any pills, and also had the choice to euthanize her but it never felt right, if she was going to go it would be when she was ready.

Her distress lasted for weeks and I hardly ever left her side and continued to support her. She had many many days that I thought she wouldent make it thru the next few hours and she always pulled through, time after time, until she got better. She takes the Full Spec 1000 mg (now 1200mg) One tiny sample dropper two to three times a day. The tiny droppers make it so easy to administer to her. She’s been on this product since summer, no other medical treatment (other than something over the counter to help her poop)

She is so healthy, happy, HUNGRY and can even jump to the counters and climb in the loft. It’s either a miracle or this product is what made the difference!” – Amanda P (January 2018)

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