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DREEM Nutrition presents itself as the breath of fresh air, as the oasis in the middle of the desert; in an explosive industry driven by the dollar, our DREEM is about improving lives. The Hemp derived CBD market is no doubt going to be a financial windfall for all that are involved, but that doesn’t mean that the customers, the ones making it possible, are receiving all that they need. DREEM Integrity is conveyed to our customers through quality control and advanced formulations, through a scientific approach, that are administered by innovative delivery systems. Our team is hand picked with individuals driven by success through creating longevity. DREEM Nutrition is proud to be a veteran owned company, making our team hardwired to serving others.

DREEM Nutrition enters the Hemp/CBD market with innovation and integrity that currently is not present. With an emergence of CBD being a hot topic, DREEM prepares to innovate the needs consumers have for hemp products. From quality control to scientific advancements, DREEM continues to provide solutions to an emerging industry in desperate need of integrity and quality control. Our team has been hand picked to structure ourselves for success and longevity, with our primary focus being on our consumers.


DREEM NutritionAustin Rhodus (owner of Dreem Nutrition) was at the forefront of passing CBD legislation in his home state and making CBD legal in Indiana!

By working with the INHIA, Indiana Hemp Industries Association and state official, Austin has been instrumental in making it happen.

We are happy to be working with a caring personable owner who has proved over time that his customers come first.


DREEM Nutrition offers some some awesome products. Here are some of their top products:


“I was in an accident where I sustained several injuries and broken bones including having an open book fracture on my pelvis and a fractured sacrum. I was unable to place any pressure to my right side for almost three months. I was in a lot of pain, to say the least. I had the opportunity to try the Dreem patch and CBD pills. I went straight for the patch, I placed the patch on my right shoulder blade and within 30 minutes the pain had subsided immensely! The patch is water proof and did not come off after a shower. I kept the patch on for a little more than 24 hours and it made such a difference in my pain levels. The patch has been perfect in my recovery when I have intense workout and physical therapy days where the pain jolts my insides. The patch has calmed my muscles and allowed me a fairly pain- free days and nights.

I later tried the pills and did not have as quick of effects, since the pills take some time to get into your system. Where I did not have immediate effects with the pills, I noticed when I stopped taking them. I had no idea how this pills reduced my pain until I did not take them. These have been so beneficial in my recovery. Unlike the opioids they had me on, I did not have any side effects. My thoughts were clear and I had no fatigue or dizziness like I did with prescriptions.

These two products that I tried have solidified my thoughts on opioids and the benefits that CBD offers. Incredible product.” – Brandi H (March 2017)

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