CBD dose – how much should I take?

Everyone always wonders, how much CBD should I take?  The answer is it really depends…

Factors such as weight, sensitivity, medical ailment and contraindications with other medication all can play a roll.  Also the product taken can make a big difference as well. Full-Spectrum (entourage effect) VS. CBD only.

Individually, people can experience CBD differently and uses can vary depending on one’s need and natural biology. Although some people can get benefits right away, it can take others 1-2 weeks to kick your Endocannabinoid system into gear and start feeling the benefits of all those rich & natural phyto-nutrients.

There is NO SUBSTITUTE for seeing your physician who knows your medical history the best but here are some very general guidelines to put you in the right direction.  Please note that this is not medical advise but general doses collected from different published studies.

  • Chronic Pain or inflamation: 2.5-20mg daily
  • Epilepsy: 200-300mg daily
  • Glaucoma: 20-40mg (single dose). >40mg may increase eye pressure
  • Sleep: 40-160mg (single dose)
  • Stress / anxiety: 10-50mg

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    1. THC will not necessarily “stop” the CBD from working but it really depends what you are using it for…For example, people with PTSD typically gravitate toward CBD to help calm them as THC can play a psychedelic role and trigger PTSD symptoms. In this case, THC could effect some of the positive outcomes of CBD.

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